Why Bhagwati Mfg Co.?
Bhagwati Mfg Co. is a complete range of hi quality, hi fashion corporate apparel that is Manufacturerd using state of the art technology and expertise. Care is taken to ensure only the very best of raw material is used for manufacturing. Parameters such as colourfastness, durability and uniformity of patterns are maintained by acclaimed quality practices.
1. How do I place an order? Can I place an order online?
There are several ways to place an order. You can order on-line, by phone, or by meeting with a sales rep at your place. The whole process is very simple. Regardless of how you order, a sales rep will send you an order confirmation / invoice after you have provided the necessary information. Once you review the invoice and all the specs of the job are correct (sizes, quantities- shirt colors, etc.), you may contact the sales or inform him of how you will be making the deposit and final payment arrangements.
2. How do I make the payment?
You can pay by Cheque/cash/dd payment at the time the order is placed. 50% of the value should be paid on confirmation and 50% on delivery. We do not accept payments from credit cards and debit cards for the moment. No artwork, proofs, printing or embroidery will be done until payment has been received.
It is of the utmost importance that you have given us your correct email address and the best way to contact you. On confirmation we will complete your order and ship it out within 3 or 4 weeks.
3. Can't I send you a company P.O. for my order and pay you in 30 days?
Unfortunately . . . No. All orders require at least 50% down or pre-payment.
4. Why are there no prices on this site?
This is a custom business and your order deserves a customized quote. We produce items to your specifications and before we give you a price we must know what those specifications are. The quantity ordered, garment style, color, number of colors printed, number of stitches in the design, and many other factors determine the final cost per unit. Your job may be simple, average, or very complex. A generalized price list covers the complex product. What if your job is average in terms of its difficulty? Would you want to pay more than you have to?
I want to order 1 shirt first and see how it looks. If it looks good, I will order more. How much for 1 shirt?
It is not practical for us to print or produce just one shirt. It takes the same amount of time and labor to setup our equipment to print 1 shirt as well as 1000 shirts. This is why we have minimums. We run production-oriented equipment for large orders. If you want just 1 shirt, we would be able to provide t-shirt from the available stock and available colors. This entirely depends on the availability. We would not be able to give you a choice of customizing options.
6. Can I order just a few t-shirts or golf shirts and what is the cost?
Our absolute minimum on screen printed t-shirts (round necks) are 50 pieces due to the amount of time it takes to set up our automated equipment. If you need less than minimum, the cost of a shirt would be higher because we would have incur the same cost to Manufacturer 15 pieces or 1500 pieces. Our absolute minimum on collar t-shirts is 100 pieces and 50 pieces on round necks.
7. Why do you have minimums?
Because of the time it takes for order processing, setup up of a job and actually producing the job. All of these things take time and time is money. Without meeting the minimum quantities we are unable to cover our costs. We are selling shirts that have a small profit margin. It takes just as long to setup a job for 15 pieces as 1500 pieces.
We need 100 shirts now and a maybe a few pieces later. Will the price still be the same for the 2nd order as the first order?
No. Pricing is based completely on the quantity of each order and is not cumulative. Also, if you order the 100 pieces now and need to reorder you must meet the minimum order quantities on the reorder. We believe in making this known in advance to all of our customers so that there are no surprises.
Tip: Always order a few extra.  There is always that person you did not think about or the person who always changes their mind at the last minute and decides they want a t-shirt.
9. If I place my order today how long does it take to produce my order?
It takes 3-4weeks for us to complete all orders and ship them out once the final artwork / proof has been approved by you. Depending on where you are in the country, it may take 1 day or 7 days for courier services to get your package(s) delivered. If your order is unique and takes longer than 3-4 weeks we will inform you of this prior to you placing the order.
10. Why do I have to pay at least 50% down on an order? I would prefer to wait and see the end product to make sure it is what I want before paying you?
We require 50% down on all orders to make sure that our customers are committed to placing an order. We have tried to take orders in good faith in the past only to have the customer cancel the order or change the order after we began filling the order. The printing or embroidery cannot be removed once the items are completed and this would leave us with garments we can't sell or use. A 50% deposit seldom covers garment or materials costs to begin with. Many of our products must be ordered from the Manufacturer if we do not have them in stock at the time the order is placed. We are not allowed to send them back should you change your mind. Our strict process of quality control and proofs along assures that you will receive the order you want.
11. I would like you to draw up a proof or provide me with a sample before I place an order to make sure it is what I want. How soon can you have this for me?
We are unable to work on anything until you have actually placed a firm order. There is much information we must have to be able to correctly fill your order. Once you have placed an order with style #'s, shirt colors, quantities, sizes, etc. and have provided us with a deposit, we will gladly work with you to provide a proof. You must know exactly what you want to place an order. Often times, the colors or sizes of proofs may look different on your computer screen than what they will actually be, because of differences in computer equipment. The proof will be sent to you via e-mail or printed on a piece of fabric and not actually on a shirt.
Once we provide you with a proof we will work with you, however long it takes, to make changes and get it the way you want before we ever print or embroider anything.  If the end product doesn't meet your expectations, we will make it right.  This ensures that you receive your shirts looking better than the way you imagined.
12. What is the difference between pique knit and jersey knit fabrics?
The best way to describe pique knit fabric is as a "waffle weave" fabric where the jersey knit fabric is the same weave as t-shirt material.
I submitted a quote request on-line. Several weeks later, I decided to place an order and was told that the price would be more than what I was originally quoted. Why is that?
Quotes are only estimates. The reason the cost changed is that you changed something about what you were asking for. For example, you changed the shirt color, the quantity ordered, the number of ink colors, or the number of imprint locations. Or your design or logo was not what you stated that it was. Quotations are valid for 30 days and after that they must be re-quoted.
I had some screen-printing done by another company and I provided them the artwork. My artwork had clean, sharp edges. When I got the shirts back there was a saw toothed jagged pattern on the edges of my design. Why is that?
It could be one of two things that happened. An improperly developed stencil caused by the printer not having the correct exposure time for the stencil caused the saw tooth pattern by or he has an inferior exposure system. Both of these are a sign of an inexperienced printer.
I need to order a few team jerseys with the person's name and number printed on the back. How much would that cost?
We do not offer any form of personalization or heat seal / iron on letters and numbers.
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